An SOS for the Arts

Intermission Billboard on an Abandoned Movie Theatre

At Boomerang, we love the arts.  Many of our staff are actively involved in making art and we, as an organization, support the work of a variety of arts organizations.  So we are especially concerned about the ways in which the pandemic is affecting artists everywhere.

At this moment of social distancing, arts organizations are among the most vulnerable institutions.  Long touted as “forward thinking” for relying on earned income (ticket and program revenue) and not just donations, arts organizations have always had a degree of financial independence compared to others in the nonprofit sector.

Ironically, this organizational strength has now become an acute vulnerability. As classes and workshops are cancelled, and entire theater and symphony seasons have had to go silent, the arts stand to lose the revenue necessary to keep their doors open.  Meanwhile, individual artists, many of whom piece together their financial picture with multiple jobs, are struggling to make ends meet.

Boomerang believes in, and is committed to supporting, the artists in our community.  We urge you to join us in supporting the arts right now.  Here are a few quick things you can do:

Donate – especially to virtual fundraisers.  Many arts organizations are known for their fun, festive fundraisers.  The majority of these will have to be cancelled and move online in 2020.  Please find ways to “attend” these events and support the arts. 

Keep up your memberships and subscriptions to the places you love.  Sure, you may not be able to use the museum like you once could, but consider sustaining your support to see organizations through this difficult time.  You do not want these organizations to disappear.

Take advantage of all that is being offered virtually.  Unlike many of their nonprofit peers, arts organizations are uniquely positioned to put their content online.  While it’s hard to replicate social services via Zoom, it is far easier to provide entertainment or access to beautiful visual art.  In addition – many premiere organizations have taken down their paywall, making literature, exhibits, performances, and film available to a much wider audience than ever before.  If there is a museum you have “always been meaning to check out” – go now, virtually!  See what they have to offer – we are confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Art is the heart and soul of our society, and it has been a sustaining force for many during these strange days.  Boomerang is proud to do its part to keep the arts thriving so they can continue to sustain us as we look to the future.

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