Going the Extra Mile

Dave Albrecht goes on a quest

The other day we got an interesting order.  A request came in to do a search on a former school property.  When initial online inquiries yielded very little, we decided we’d need to go on site and made the decision to send our head of Title, Dave Albrecht, on the road – dispatching him to Waukegan, a nearby municipality, to conduct the search in person.

Waukegan is in Lake County where the majority of documents are imaged, but where scans can also be of poor quality.  When scans don’t pan out, the next stop is microfilm. Luckily for our client, Dave remembered the finer points of threading film through the thirty year old microfilm reader.  Even better? The machine still worked, and there was toner in its printer!

We use the word search so often in our work that we can forget that searching is exactly the right word for what we do.  When the first, second, or third tries don’t pan out – you can count on us to keep at it.  Dave was able to complete his search in Waukegan that day and deliver it to our clients the next.  So the next time you are looking for a provider willing to go the extra mile – turn to Boomerang. We won’t disappoint.

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