Boomerang’s Story

John Pratt

By: James Wood

Most small businesses begin as a Cinderella story. They are born into a market with little name recognition or competitive edge; and if they are fortunate enough for an opportunity to create that name, the pressure of success if immense. Boomerang is no exception to that narrative.

It was the summer of 2002 when Boomerang was provided that opportunity to break into a market and create a name for itself. In that summer, Boomerang was a small operation built up by an ambitious entrepreneur, his laptop, and a newly limited certificate of incorporation. John Pratt, founder, president and CEO of Boomerang, set out to recreate the methods and expectations of a service industry that was in need of disruption. His vision was to build a streamlined and customer focused service company, one that delivered fast and accurate results with every order.

In that first summer, Boomerang operated with 3 loyal clients, and had a limited service area to Cook county, Illinois and the City of Chicago. Over the next 14 years that one laptop would evolve into work stations spanned across the county; and that limited service area would advance into over 700 jurisdictions.

One thing always remained consistent to the Boomerang story: a customer first approach that prioritized reliable, efficient, and responsive service. Over the next years, Boomerang will continue to grow and evolve, but that foundation, the skeleton, will always remain intact. No matter what county, city, or region a Boomerang office is operating, clients can always rely on friendly, expert, and efficient due diligence.

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