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Boomerang Information Services is reaching out to stay connected with you. The top three ways to keep up on our latest news and updates is by connecting with us on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and this website.

Every week we try to have at least one post on our Facebook and LinkedIn that will give you insight of our business. We post our “Tip to Success” monthly, which is a way to provide some extra advice in certain areas that might interest our clients. Along with that, we also make an effort to post a testimonial from one of our clients, so you can hear about their personal experiences in working with BIS. We do our best to keep you updated on new locations and new opportunities that arise. On our Facebook and LinkedIn, we also post short articles about unique business trends and interesting developments.

Our website, is another great way to stay connected with us and it has a fresh look. You may notice, our online presence recently got a new facelift and we now have a blog that is showcasing all of our news. Our blog features important articles and information in an effort to keep our clients “in-the-know”. Our website also provides information about our locations, services, and ways to contact us.

As we continue to develop our outward communication to you, we hope you connect with us and encourage you to ask questions or join in on the conversation! If you are interesting in joining our email list, please let us know.

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